Sh*tty Cultist Chic

*This post was originally written on July 18, 2017 on a different blogging platform. I’ve since made the decision to move to WordPress and am bringing those early posts here for continuity.

This morning I sent off the results of a small project I’ve been working on for a friend’s upcoming LARP, ‘”It’s the F*cking Sh*tpocalypse, Randy”: Trailer Park Boys Call of Cthulhu’. I was given a few designs and some towels to work with and asked to create a “sh*tty cultist look, the kind of thing you’d come up with if you were doing it yourself and had very little idea of how to do it”. It was a lot of fun. I snapped a quick picture before packing them up:

Shitty Cultist Chic

Hopefully the game goes well!

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