Part of transferring my blog from Blogger to WordPress involved sketching out a logo. I’ve had the idea for this logo for quite some time, having come up with it in a bar while waiting for the band to come out at one of the few live music shows I attended in Edmonton, sometime around 2010. Sadly, wherever that original sketch has gotten to is beyond me. I’ve gone through each of my sketchbooks carefully looking for it which leads me to believe I’ve lost another book. That has been known to happen. I’ve gotten much better about it in recent years though, so hopefully it’s less of a problem going forward. One more argument in favour of a digital archive, though.

Anyway, the tricky thing about trying to recreate something you can only remember hazily is that you know how excited you were by the vibrancy of the original and you want to capture that but can’t quite remember enough detail to recreate the process. I remember the original design being much simpler than the one that has evolved recently. I remember it taking less than a minute to doodle, literally in a margin on my page. Nothing serious, but so fresh and fun that I knew exactly what I’d name things if I ever decided to start a public art presence.


This little critter is not that marginal sketch, but seriously cute all the same. I am excited by the texture and the lines, although a little hesitant to put a cartoon out there as representative of something I want taken seriously. I’m pretty sure it’s baggage from the junior high art class experience, which is both unnerving and hilarious given how far back in time that was. Amazing how certain voices echo in our creative practices, isn’t it? There was a really great conversation on my personal Facebook wall about this octopus as I was working on it, and I am going to try to hold the awesomeness of that in my head as long as I can. One of the things that came out of that conversation is the desire for stickers. I am quite excited about this, as I’ve been thinking of turning some of my cartoons into stickers for a while now. My first set, if I can figure out how to do it, will be this octopus and a set of accessories, such as a top hat, cane, moustache, and such, so people can customize him. I am excited.


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