Sketchbook: Imagining – Robot Adventure (cont’d)

I am having so much fun with this project!

It’s been challenging because I don’t have a much experience with attempting to draw the same character multiple times. I am also finding that while I can do the general drawing and inking pretty much any time, doing the detail work like the lines on the arms and legs while tired makes them look sloppy. I know this, but apparently last night I was too tired to put it away until I was more with it. *shrug* It happens.

A friend has asked me to illustrate two children’s books for them, and working on the Robot Adventure is helping me gain confidence that I can produce something that has visual continuity. I’ve been debating adding text to the Robot Adventure, but right now I am really loving it as a silent story. I loved Wall-E for that reason—all of what you really needed to know you gained from observation of the incredibly nuanced body movement and facial expressions. Most vocalizations by the robots were emotional accents rather than actual dialogue. The strength of the film rested in the animator’s ability to observe and then translate human non-verbal expression onto robots.

I feel like I need to say thanks to Mirna and Chelsea at Well Inked Box for introducing me to the Uniball Kuru Toga mechanical pencil and the Rotring Tikki Graphic pen that I’ve been relying on for this project. Thanks! They’re good tools.

So… here’s Day 3:


Here’s Day 4:


Here’s the combined panel for Days 1 and 2:


And here’s the combined panel for Days 3 and 4:


I improvised a lighting filter on my lamp this morning so I could take better pictures as it’s very overcast here today and feels like there might be snow coming. I have found myself falling into equipment daydreams lately, the whole, “Well, I can do that when I have x, but it will have to wait until then”. This morning I remembered that everything started somewhere and that I could come up with something that would probably work. While my FrankenLamp might have been a rudimentary solution, the pictures look so much better than the unshielded lamp. ^_^ I will go with improvisation as I learn what I need to know to get better and figure out what kind of gear is worth investing in. It is really nice to be using my camera more. I’ve gotten away from it with how mobile the camera on my phone is, but getting back to my Canon is quietly joyful.

Well, I am off to draw more Robot. Thanks for checking this out!

Hugs offered,


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  1. says:

    I love this, Shea! It looks like it is a fun project! Hope this message finds you and finds you well.

    😉❤️ Robin

    Currently reading… Leona: The Die is Cast by Jenny Rogneby



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