“Imagining” Week 2

I realized that I didn’t post the work from the first week of “Imagining” as a single summary post because I was so excited to be sharing the Robot Adventure. I decided that the work I did in week two would be better presented in a summary post, so here it is. ^_^

I really enjoyed the assignments this week. I realized that the combination of simple lines and watercolour painting appeals to me, and I’d like to keep developing it as I am not adept with watercolour. The instructor, Marloes de Vries, gave some great advice when she mentioned that she never uses a colour direct from the pan; even altering it a tiny bit seemed to give my work a vitality that I had found missing in other watercolour attempts I had been making. I definitely had a few goofs—like not confirming the pen I was using to ink my linework was waterproof and then everything dissolving into a murky mess as soon as my wet brush hit the page—but nothing too frustrating.

Day 1: IMG_3742

Day 2 and my first attempt at Day 3:IMG_3743

Additional attempts at Day 3:IMG_3744

Day 4:IMG_3745

Day 5:IMG_3746

I appreciated the way that this week helped me to focus on single-panel message communication and really pushed my efforts to try to create different facial expressions with the same simple elements. It’s really interesting to see what happens when I let myself monkey around: for example, the top row of faces were drawn when I was still feeling awkward and self conscious coming to the page, but by the time I was getting to the bottom of the page, I was loosening up and having much more fun. I think it shows. I don’t usually ‘warm up’ when I draw and this week showed me how much I need to start.

Something else that I experimented with this week was drawing while D was playing video games or watching TV. I have a hard time focusing on anything other than the TV if it is on, and while I don’t watch a lot of it for myself, I end up watching a lot with him because that’s how he relaxes, even if it’s stuff I am not all that interested in. This week I started bringing my sketchbook down with me when I wanted to hang out, and letting myself do my thing while he chilled doing his. It made for a productive week and I felt less frustrated that I was losing time to things that weren’t as high of a priority for me. I’m going to try to keep that going.

Today Inktober started and I did my first drawing on the couch while he played Skyrim. It was relaxing and cozy and I look forward to more mornings like this. ^_^

I hope you are well!



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