I am an artist and writer who recently completed grad school. I am slowly emerging from under the shadow of “you should be writing your thesis!” and back into regular society. ^_^ For me this means returning to my creative practice which I felt I largely had to set aside while pursuing my education.

I am very interested in how creatives talk about themselves, others, and society, and how society and others talk about us. In particular, I am curious about intersections I see between art, creativity, and marketable self-help culture. I intend this blog to do two things: be a digital archive for the art and writing I am doing that I want to share “out loud”, as it were, and be a place where I can start thinking some of these thoughts through to better sketch out what I want to look at if I decide to go on to a doctorate. For a more robust introduction, please check out my first post. Thank you for visiting!

You can find me on Instagram if you’d like: www.instagram.com/monocled.octopus. I frequently post drawing projects I am working on there.

I am also now on Patreon for my fantasy cartography and illustration, if that interests you: www.patreon.com/monocledoctopus